Solution: Remote Monitoring

PROBLEM:  How can I share the data I get with someone else?  I really need to have more than one person looking at all this data.  Sometimes, you’re not the one with Diabetes. 

SOLUTION:  Nightscout Remote Access!

Solution: T1Pal CoPilot Guidance

PROBLEM:   What is my data telling me, and how do I get the most out of Nightscout and Loop?

SOLUTION:  We have found and enrolled what we think is the world’s best cadre of people with Diabetes – patients who know how to use these advanced tools and technologies.  

Solution: Heroku No Longer Free

PROBLEM:  I hear Heroku is no longer give me FREE service on their MongoDB hosting site. What to do?

SOLUTION: Buy T1Pal Nightscout! $11.99 per month. Ease your mind and get your questions answered.