What Is Loop?

Loop is an iPhone application that consumes CGM, insulin infusion, and other data,  as needed to numerically forecast the expected blood glucose levels.  It then computes a forecast, and displays the results so that people with diabetes can see faster and better  what their own therapy might be.

Loop can also be configured by the user to automate infusions.   This “Closed Loop” automation is based on the data available.  The team to simply call this application “Loop.”


What Is Loop?

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Loop open source application

Loop is an open source application whose code has been published on the internet for all to see and use.

At this point in time, however, Apple has blocked the normal distribution of the software because it makes the iPhone a “medical device” not cleared by the US FDA.

Medical Data Networks, LLC. is leading a test program called “Bridge to Rebuild” that provides to co-developers a test copy of the Loop  software for 90 days.

Medical Data Netoworks, LLC. does not charge any fee to use Loop.  In addition, participants in the Bridge to Rebuild project are provided no support, technical assistance, and no Loop support or advice whatsoever.

Contact us if you can help fund this project.

Loop includes software for the Apple Watch. and works with multiple CGM and insulin pump vendors.


loop watch app

Now we know that not everyone wants to “Do It Yourself.” 

So we provide a complete solution:  Nightscout, Loop, and CoPilot coaching under the brand name T1Pal to do it for you.

Building exclusively on top of T1Pal Nightscout, our T1Pal Loop application and CoPilot coaching service enables our testers to get and use our version of Loop.

Subscribers to this complete solution are enrolled as co-developers of Loop, and are helping us to collect the data needed to achieve FDA approval.


Lets Get Started!

1. Assemble your looping equipment (CGM, Pump, Riley Link or equivalent).

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