What is T1Pal CoPilot?

Our T1Pal CoPilot program provides one-on-one, zoom-based support for setup and use of our integrated Nightscout and Loop operations.

Our goal is to provide the best possible outcome for patients with diabetes, using these advanced software and operations tools.

We rely exclusively on experienced and thoroughly vetted loopers and technologists who know how it all works.

What is T1Pal CoPilot?​

How Does it Work?

After you sign up for T1Pal Nightscout and T1Pal Loop together we will be able to access your specific data and provide all of the support needed to get to a closed loop solution.

Please note that Nightscout / Loop are a bundled solution.  We cannot support Loop operations without Nightscout. 

When you sign up for the Nightscout / Loop bundle, your bundled price includes ticket-based support as may be needed to resolve any problem.

This bundle is priced as an on-going service billed monthly.  CoPilot is different.  It is priced as a one time payment that guides you through initial set up and configuration. One “flight” of T1Pal CoPilot is a bundle of three (50-minute) Zoom meetings with our T1Pal experts.

T1Pal Copilot​

These sessions are focused on 1) ensuring all of the components are working safely for you, 2) identifying optimal settings for normal living, and 3) training you to understand the performance and benefits of all the equipment.

CoPilots are virtually in the seat next to you as you gain comfort using Loop.

CoPilots build confidence in using advanced techniques to achieve the treatment goals set by the looper and their healthcare team. Loop CoPilot services are only available to T1Pal Nightscout and T1Pal Loop subscribers.

Still struggling with all the technology? The reality we recognize is that people who are NEW to Looping require 2 flights of help with T1Pal CoPilot. They need an extra 3 sessions learn how to adjust the equipment to enable successful looping.

Lets Get Started!

T1Pal CoPilots are guides to data-driven looping, specifically using T1Pal Nightscout and T1Pal Loop.

Our CoPilots collaborate with you to Loop with confidence and competence.

A single flight of T1Pal CoPilot sessions provides up to three (3) ZOOM meetings that enable our qualified CoPilots to personalize your Looping experience. Novice Loopers may need two flights of T1Pal CoPilots, available at lower cost when purchased together.

Here are the steps we will follow:

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