Medical Data Networks enables people with diabetes to share their data with the experts they choose and people they trust.

We are the first to offer integrated IT (Information Technology) services including  remote monitoring, closed-loop operations, and CoPilot coaching for people with diabetes, and their partners.

integrated IT (Information Technology) services
Medical Data Networks

Our Mission

Medical Data Networks empowers and educates people with diabetes to streamline their diabetes management through the adoption of open source technology.

Our Story

Medical Data Networks was born of the open-source diabetes technology movement known as #WeAreNotWaiting. Parents and people with diabetes envisioned a world where their insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) would communicate to automate insulin delivery in real-time for greater control.

More than 15,000 people are estimated to manage their diabetes with open-source solutions such as Loop and Nightscout.

Before T1Pal,  the path to utilizing such resources required users to build and maintain their own website (Nightscout) or iPhone app (Loop).

Medical Data Networks and T1Pal work to eliminate this barrier, making diabetes management easier.

Let T1Pal manage your technology while you manage your T1d.