Our services are created by people with diabetes for people with diabetes.

Medical Data Networks offers services that build on the foundation of Nightscout.

T1Pal for Nightscout

Nighscout is a web application that allows users to share their diabetes data, including real-time glucose and insulin levels.


Loop is a smart insulin dosing system that combines information from your CGM and insulin pump to create a simulation of your diabetes in real time.


Our CoPilot program connects experienced Loopers to new Loop users in order to help them start and maintain their Loop like a pro.


T1Pal Nightscout

Special Introductory Rate (first 4 months)
Hosting – no maintenance
Storage – Unlimited
Automated Updates When Needed
Highly Reliable Hosted Service Architecture
Support Nightscout
Instant Nightscout

T1Pal Nightscout + Loop

Synchronize with Nightscout and remote overrides
Open Source Apple TestFlight Delivery
Automated Updates When Needed
Scheduled Ground School Support via Zoom
Start Loop with T1Pal

T1Pal Copilot

- custom -
Clear Understanding of Nightscout and Loop Data Available to You
Clear Understanding of Nightscout and Loop Data Available to You
Up to 3 one-on-one Sessions reviewing your data in Nightscout and Loop
Guaranteed Setup of your T1Pal Nightscout and Loop, and how to use them
Start Loop with T1Pal

Schedule time with us to get started with Loop.

Start Loop with T1Pal