Solution: Heroku No Longer Free

Salesforce Mongo Database No Longer Free

PROBLEM:  Salesforce, the owner of Heroku since 2011, has been operating a FREE promotional hosting service for MongoDB. cloud storage. service.  An important announcement was made on August 25, 2022.  Salesforce announced that in 90 days, the “free tier” of MongoDB service would no longer be available.

This impacts all users relying on a FREE Mongo database, and specifically, people with Type 1 diabetes who rely on their FREE database services used to run Nightscout hosting.

SOLUTION:  People using Nightscout have some well-documented options as follows:s:

1) Sign up for T1Pal Nightscout from Medical Data Networks, LLC for USD 11.99 per month for T1Pal Nightscout served in the US.

2) Sign up for service similar to T1Pal Nightscout served in Germany. Price is (E) 4,99 per month

3) Sign up for any one of several alternative Mongo DB cloud providers with nearly free prices starting at ($5.00 per month from Digital Ocean, and $7 per month from

Of course, we think the Nightscout has reliability, security, and data sharing features unmatched by any of the available lower-cost solutions. Importantly, our solution is coupled with Nightscout support, so when you need help with Nightscout, you have someone to call. Try calling Digital Ocean or Salesforce for Nightscout help and you’ll see what we mean.

You should also know that our T1Pal Nightscout developer team actually helped to build Nightscout, and continues to update Nightscout for all in the open-source community. So, in a sense, part of your payments for T1Pal go to fund new and better features of Nightscout.