Solution: T1Pal CoPilot Guidance

PROBLEM:   What is my data telling me, and how do I get the most out of Nightscout and Loop?

SOLUTION:  We have found and enrolled what we think is the world’s best cadre of people with Diabetes – patients who know how to use these advanced tools and technologies.  

These peer-to-peer Diabetes patients use your T1Pal Nightscout and T1Pal Loop subscription data and make themselves available for your questions and give you their own suggestions.   They will review your current conditions and scroll back through your data history to identify settings, trends and issues you can manage.

Our CoPilots will have access to share your T1Pal Nightscout and Loop data with them electronically, and they make themselves available –as scheduled–  via our ZOOM capability to discuss the data.  This makes it really easy to schedule and benefit from peer-to-peer guidance.

Based on our experience, we don’t think you’ll need their support after the first few sessions.  The early support sessions help you set parameters, connections, and activations.  The later sessions help you understand exactly what is going on.  These sessions are therefore not covered by a monthly subscription, but rather are made available on an hourly basis, at a fixed hourly rate.   Again, based on our experience, we will be able to tell you how many sessions you will need.