What is Nightscout?

Nightscout is a web application that allows users to securely share their real-time glucose and insulin levels with the people they trust and the experts they choose.

Nightscout gets the data from many different types of devices, including the CGMs, PDMs of numerous manufacturers. 

Nightscout also shares the data with many other helpful alarms and displays, not just people.

Because Nightscout is on the web, no need to install a mobile web application just to share the data.

Nightscout Web Application

Once set up, Nightscout acts as a central hub of blood glucose and insulin data for a single person.

 A rich set of displays, printable reports, and alarms of all kinds may be seen by individuals selected by the owner.

All of these data require only a browser on the internet to be made accessible..

What is Nightscout?

Nightscout is a data warehouse of CGM and PDM data. But it also enables users to make, keep, and report ad-hoc notes for illness, exercise, pump sites, and custom diabetes-related information.  Data from users and devices are synchronized into a single display called a “care portal”.

Nightscout reports provide critical historical and retrospective views of the data.  The reports allow for analysis needed for data-driven diabetes.

Learn more about the Nightscout Foundation and their technology here.

As powerful as Nightscout is, you should know it is part of a complete solution that includes Closed-Loop numerical insulin forecasting (called “Loop”), and  T1Pal CoPilot technology coaching services.

We believe we have assembled the world’s best available technology serving people with Type 1 diabetes.

Your personal and private Nightscout site can be made ready to use right away!  Our welcome guide and Nightscout success associates will help ensure that Nightscout is working for you.

Once you have your Nightscout going, you may be eligible to add Loop and CoPilot services to your  diabetes warchest.   If you need help with that, schedule a specific time to learn and get started with that.

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