Solution: Remote Monitoring


PROBLEM:  How can I share the data I get with someone else?  I really need to have more than one person looking at all this data.  Sometimes, you’re not the one with Diabetes. 

SOLUTION:  Nightscout Remote Access!

Your access to the data means you need REMOTE ACCESS.   You need the parent, nurse, baby-sitter, the physician to see what is happening RIGHT NOW.  Sometimes you need to activate additional devices (lights, alarms, displays) using the data.   And this data isn’t available in any integrated form out of the CGM and pump boxes.  Your data is REMOTE and inaccessible.  Without REMOTE ACCESS, you are still in the stone age with Diabetes.

Introducing T1Pal Nightscout.    Built from world-class technology, Medical Data Networks provides a 24 x 7 professionally managed data center that runs private open-source Nightscout applications for the benefit of thousands.

Our T1Pal Nightscout isn’t just software.   It’s a data center that runs thousands of copies of Nightscout.  We call it T1Pal Nightscout.  It’s our tested and validated copy of the open source version of Nightscout.   We also provide support for our subscribers.  With so many people using it, we can keep the cost below what you would have to pay for your own data center operations.