Does Xdrip4IOS work with T1Pal Nightscout?


xDrip4iOS (also known as “xDrip for iOS” or “xdripswift”) is an open-source application to display real time blood glucose data.  Information on XDrip can be found HERE.

It can be configured as a FOLLOWER or an UPLOADER.

To run xDrip4iOS you will firstly need an iPhone 7 or newer running minimum iOS13.

To work as a Master device, you will need to have a compatible CGM system. 

If you want to share your CGM data with Nightscout, then you will also need a working internet connection.

To work as a Follower device, you don’t need anything except an internet connection and a working Nightscout site from where to follow the master device.

Information on xDrip4IOS setup is provided by our Knowledge Base.