T1Pal Bridge to Rebuild

T1Pal Bridge to Rebuild

Medical Data Networks, LLC.  supports the Looping community as co-developers in Loop software. Loopers who are Apple Developers may experience gaps between builds or Apple Developer License subscriptions.  T1Pal supports Loopers temporarily by filling the gap between builds, and license issues, or to help evaluate issues and error reports.  This pathway to Loop ensures that the Loop community has additional support to help ensure continuity, disaster recovery, and quality assurance resources available.  We call this program “T1Pal Bridge to Rebuild.

Who is T1Pal Bridge to Rebuild for?

T1Pal Bridge to rebuild is for Apple Developers, prospective Apple Developers, and existing Loopers with looping experience.  Bridge to Rebuild is perfect when replacing a broken phone with a new one, but circumstances prevent building immediately.  Bridge to rebuild offers a temporary solution to maintain and continue access to Loop until the Apple Developer can rebuild their own.

A Looping community commonly experiences the error that says “Loop is no longer available.”  This typically happens at the end of 365 days defined by Apple’s Developer guidelines.  T1Pal Bridge to Rebuild can offer continued access through TestFlight for 90 days so that Loop remains available.  This provides the Apple Developer with a way to ensure that Loop service continues while updates and maintenance to the build environment are made separately.

People who experience errors preventing Loop from running can use Bridge to Rebuild to verify and report the issue.  Accessing T1Pal Bridge to Rebuild allows comparing and contrasting experiences between builds and known shared builds.  T1Pal can help evaluate if there is an issue affecting the community or if there is an issue with the build process.  Anyone questioning the confidence of their build can evaluate the quality using T1Pal’s Bridge to Rebuild for up to 90 days.

How does it work?

Experienced Loopers should schedule a meeting to begin Bridge to Loop.  Existing Loopers will receive an invite to TestFlight to use Loop from Medical Data Networks, LLC.  Apple Developers will return to their own Loop build within 90 days.

Are there any commitments?

This is an open-source quality assurance service from Medical Data Networks, LLC.  While there is no financial commitment, there are several obligations in exchange for access to TestFlight.

  • Help with quality assurance and testing.  You are responsible for helping to collect information that assists in finding faults or flaws with Loop.  We may ask to follow up in efforts to collect this information.
  • Transition to a sustainable Loop.  After 90 days of participating in Bridge to Rebuild,  Apple Developers must find a sustainable way to continue Loop.  Consider Loop as a service from one of the Looping service providers or find assistance with your build process.