Nightscout is a web application that allows users to share their diabetes data, including real-time glucose and insulin levels.

What is Nightscout?

Nightscout is a web-based application to share diabetes experiences.  Sharing on the web eliminates the need for mobile app installs.  It provides a real-time view of glucose and insulin from connected glucose monitors and insulin pens.

Once set up, Nightscout acts as a central repository of blood glucose and insulin dosing/treatment data for a single person, allowing you to view the CGM graph and treatment data anywhere using just a web browser connected to the internet.

Nightscout is a data warehouse.  The care portal allows logging data with notes for illness, exercise, pump sites, and custom diabetes-related notes.  Data from users and devices are synchronized into a single display.

Nightscout reports provide historical and retrospective views of the data.  The reports allow for analysis needed for data-driven diabetes.

Getting Started

Get started today by signing up for a T1Pal Nightscout subscription. You can cancel at any time, but it's part of a larger T1Pal Nightscout, T1Pal Loop, and T1Pal CoPilot suite of services that support your use of the best tools available to serve people with Type 1 diabetes.

Your personal and private Nightscout site will be ready to use right away!  Our welcome guide and Nightscout success associates will help ensure that Nightscout is working for you.

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