Loop is a smart insulin dosing system that combines information from your CGM and insulin pump to create a simulation of your diabetes in real time.

What is Loop?

Loop is an open source application that runs on an iPhone. It receives data from other devices and shows how insulin, blood glucose, ingested carbohydrates, and fat all interact at the same time. These measures are particularly helpful to people with Type 1 diabetes.

Built into loop is a simulator of your body with respect to the consequential levels of blood glucose. The model is driven by reported insulin, exercise, and carbohydrate consumption. “Loop” is the name of this application because it receives data and produces graphs and reports that can be used to adjust the blood glucose and insulin levels.

Loop works in real-time. Loop calculates insulin requirements by tracking changing glucose values every five minutes.  Loop receives data from Nightscout, which enables sharing diabetes experiences. Loop is highly customizable, enabling one to select target glucose ranges.  Loop software computes models of carb ratios, insulin sensitivities, and basal rates throughout the day.  The flexibility in these settings improves the accuracy of the model.

Loop includes software for the Apple Watch. and works with multiple CGM and insulin pump vendors.

It is important to note that Loop isn’t “yet” in the Apple App store.It is being tested prior to approval by the US FDA and Apple. However, Loop may be obtained from open source repositories and you can compile it for your own use, using Apple equipment and X-Code software.

Alternatively, Loop may be downloaded to Apple’s TestFlight software and run with the understanding that it is being tested.We make the TestFlight part of this super easy by offing Loop, together with nightscout and coaching services, as a bundled service to you. We make it all work together. Once registered for our service, you will get a download TestFlight token and can use it to run Loop. A refresh of Loop is required every 90 days. We make this happen regularly without additional cost.

Getting Started

Building exclusively on top of T1Pal Nightscout, T1Pal Nightscout and T1Pal Loop bundled adds Loop as a monthly service through a monthly subscription to our co-developer program. Our co-developer program allows us to collect feedback on open source projects like Loop and Nightscout, and use the application as part of an end-to-end solution, including coaching.

Joining our co-developer program allows you to participate in open source projects like Loop and Nightscout.

1. Assemble your looping equipment (see list below).

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