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Red Hat

Red Hat has produced a cool video:  “Opening the Loop: Autonomy, Access, and Insulin“. It follows the growing DIY community of makers, patients, and caregivers that are reshaping those systems to better match their needs. Their work happens in bedrooms, kitchen tables, conference rooms, and lab bench. And it’s making life better for untold numbers of others.  

With Red Hat’s support for Open Source Stories like this one, they are showing what people can do when they make things in the open—because when we share, we thrive.

The film features several people on the front lines including Anthony Di Franco, founder, of The Open Insulin Foundation; Kate Farnsworth, director, The Nightscout Foundation; Yann Huon de Kermadec, research scientist, Counter Culture Labs; Dana Lewis, co-founder, OpenAPS; Howard Look, founder, president, and chief executive officer,; and Dr. Lisa Scheifele, executive director, Baltimore Underground Science Space (BUGSS).

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