Solution: Remote Monitoring

PROBLEM:  How can I share the data I get with someone else?  I really need to have more than one person looking at all this data.  Sometimes, you’re not the one with Diabetes. 

SOLUTION:  Nightscout Remote Access!

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Solution: T1Pal CoPilot Guidance

PROBLEM:   What is my data telling me, and how do I get the most out of Nightscout and Loop?

SOLUTION:  We have found and enrolled what we think is the world’s best cadre of people with Diabetes – patients who know how to use these advanced tools and technologies.  

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T1Pal Bridge to Rebuild

Medical Data Networks, LLC. supports the Looping community as co-developers in Loop software. Loopers who are Apple Developers may experience gaps between builds or Apple Developer License subscriptions. T1Pal supports Loopers temporarily by filling the gap between builds, license issues, or to help evaluate issues and error reports. This pathway to Loop ensures that Loop community has additional support to help ensure continuity, disaster recovery, and quality assurance resources available. We call this program “T1Pal Bridge to Rebuild.

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Solution: Heroku No Longer Free

PROBLEM:  I hear Heroku is no longer give me FREE service on their MongoDB hosting site. What to do?

SOLUTION: Buy T1Pal Nightscout! $11.99 per month. Ease your mind and get your questions answered.

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Red Hat

Red Hat Red Hat has produced a cool video:  “Opening the Loop: Autonomy, Access, and Insulin“. It follows the growing DIY community of makers, patients,

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Looped Facebook​

Looped Facebook The Looped Facebook group is a popular site focused on DIY Loop build support. Recommendations on everything from Link devices to combination iPhone/Link

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