Does Diabox Work With T1Pal?

YES! Diabox is an uploader of data to T1Pal Nightscout.  It is provided by Bubblan.   Product information is provided HERE. Information on how to configure Diabox with T1Pal Nightscout is available on our Knowledge Base.

How Do I Configure Nightscout to work with Loop?

Medical Data Networks, LLC. supports the integration of T1Pal Nightscout and T1Pal Loop applications. Information on how to configure these things to work efficiently together is in our T1Pal Knowledge Base HERE.

What Products and Services Do You Support?

Medical Data Networks, LLC. provides support for several services and applications that are generally available as open source applications. The list of supported applications include: Nightscout — a cloud based web application. Loop — an iPhone application built on Apple’s TestFlight capability. CoPilot — a consulting service providing specific help in optimizing multiple applications.   […]