Can I Do It Myself?

Medical Data Networks, LLC

YES!  You can freely download the open source software for Nightscout, Loop, and other software components from the internet.   You might want to at least try this, if for no other reason you will better understand the software capabilities and limitations.  

But Doing It Yourself (DIY) is something some people would just rather not do.  

And that’s where we come in.

We do it for you.   For the price of two of your favorite Starbucks beverages, we will automatically  install the same Nightscout software and provided it on a subscription-fee based service.  Our prices are generally lower than the sum of hosting service costs you have to pay, even for DIY projects.   Our prices are certainly lower than the cost of your time to do this work, and keep it up to date.

A key part of our DIY service is email-based support, where we will leverage all of the data available to proactively fix any glitches you may see along the way.  You “should”not have to do anything, except configure your unique parameters.